Taekwondo, Korean Martial Art Experience for Foreigners By Arirang Taekwondo

Taekwondo, Korean Martial Art Experience for Foreigners

₩ 38,000 ₩ 35,000
Taekwondo Experience Option A - 1 Hour Select ₩ 35,000 ₩ 38,000

Taekwondo Experience Option A - 1 Hour

  • Rented Taekwondo uniform
  • Basic taekwondo movements and board breaking exercise
  • Completion certificates
  • Photo time
  • Sparring experience
  • Food and other personal expenses
  • A minimum of TWO people is required for this option 

Must book at least 2 days in advance

Minimum Quantity: 2

Taekwondo Experience Option B (with Sparring) - 1.5 Hours Select ₩ 50,000 ₩ 54,000

Taekwondo Experience Option B (with Sparring) - 1.5 Hours

  • Rented Taekwondo uniform
  • Basic taekwondo movements and board breaking exercise
  • Basic sparring experience
  • Completion certificates
  • Photo time
  • Food and other personal expenses

Must book at least 2 days in advance

Minimum Quantity: 1

Why This Offer

  • This is your chance to learn Taekwondo, Korea's representative martial art
  • Ranging from mind-control techniques such as meditation, to stretching and basic punches and kicks, you will actively train both your mind and body
  • You will also receive a certificate and have your photo taken at the end of the lesson!
  • Learn about  Taekwondo spirit and Korean culture 

What to Expect

We provide real training in Taekwondo, one of the oldest, representative martial arts in Korea and recognized around the world. During classes our pupils will be introduced to the cultural values and customs that Taekwondo is rooted in, such as its five basic tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. The program is designed for foreigners who have never experienced Taekwondo but anyone is welcome to join the training. 

Line 4: Sookmyung Women Univ. Station Exit 8
Seoul-si > Yongsan-gu Namyeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea Sookmyung Women's Univ. Station
1. Take the Seoul Subway Line 4 to Sookmyung Women Univ Station (숙대입구역) and go out Exit 8. Then follow the directions in the picture


Arirang Taekwondo Facility
Seoul-si > Yongsan-gu 3 Hangang-daero 87-gil, Namyeong-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea 3


2. Arirang TKD Facility is located next to Starbucks. Once you find the building, proceed to the third floor. Present your mobile voucher to the instructor and wait for instructions.
All lessons start with stretching. Stretches relax the muscles and improve flexibility. Flexibility is particularly important during kicking. 
Basic form practice involves learning the fundamental stances of Taekwondo. Most movements are done with a shout as Taekwondo is performed with the soul and spirit.
Punches and kicks will be performed at head level, returning to the basic stances after every punch or kick.


Board breaking is undoubtedly, the exercise which most students look forward to. The rule of board breaking is to push through the board without hesitation or pause.

Sparring is usually done as a practice to teach students how to deal with a live, moving target. It is done on friendly terms, with no intention of harming your partner.


If you choose to spar, you will be provided with basic sparring protective gear and taught how to aim for the torso which is the body's safe zone. 


At the end of the class, students are awarded a certificate of completion to recognize their fulfillment of the masters' expectations. Completion of the class is also commemorated with a class photo which can serve as a souvenir of your experience in Korea. 
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Important Information

Booking Process

  • Complete the payment and you will receive an instant confirmation email and receipt.

  • The voucher will be delivered to you once the reservation is confirmed.

  • If you haven't received your confirmation email/receipt, please check your spam folder, or check your "My Page" in the WorknPlay homepage.

  • Contact us by email (worknplayads@gmail.com) if you are planning to reserve as a group (more than 4 people) for offers on package discount.

How To Use

  • Print out or show the voucher on your mobile device when you arrive at the class.
  • Please arrive at least 10 mins before the reserved class time.
  • Voucher Validity:  Only on the chosen date and time

Additional Information

  • Adult and child prices are the same. 
  • You will be wearing rented Taekwondo gear. Do not purposely damage the clothing. 
  • Please abide by the staff's instructions regarding entrance and safety (especially during the board-breaking session).
  • During the sparring session do not over-exert, push or punch your partner in a manner which may cause them harm.

Cancelation Policy

  • 100% refund: For cancelations made at least 24 hours before the reserved class time (Based on local time).
  • No refund: For cancelations or changes made less than 24 hours before the reserved class time (Based on local time).
  • No refund for no-shows or latecomers.
  • Changes to the schedule must be requested at least 24 hours before the reserved class time (Based on local time).


Arirang Taekwondo

Taekwondo Culture Experience for Foreigners

Arirang Taekwondo Cultural Experience Center was established to develop a Taekwondo training program for foreigners interested in this Korean representative martial art. Through the physical and mental training that Taekwondo offers, we strive to promote Taekwondo's values to people around the world including its five basic tenets of practicing courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and Indomitable spirit.    Foreigners visiting Korea can not only learn Taekwondo skills and understand its spirit through Taekwondo training but also become familiar with Korean culture. The program is designed for foreigners who have never experienced Taekwondo, so anyone is free to join the training. We offer a real Taekwondo experience including wearing the uniform and learning basic movements and board breaking.   In our center, we provide training for international exchange groups, foreign company employees and foreign students who want to deepen their understanding of Korean culture. Taekwondo is a fun and easy activity that is suitable for all ages, genders, or nationalities.     Taekwondo Sabeom (Taekwondo Master)    Jin Sangeun Master  Kim Yongseok Master Yang Wanmo Master